Goodbye Pardalote

pardalote_press_logoAfter thirteen years and sixteen titles, Pardalote Press is about to call it a day. I am currently in the process of closing down the publishing company that has brought so many fine poetry books into being, including Karen Knight’s prize-winning Postcards from the Asylum and the beautiful translations by Ian Johnston of ancient Chinese poetry.owl
I haven’t published any new books since Stuart Solman’s In Advance of Our Broken Wings, but now it is (almost) time to close the shop. I’ll be keeping a few copies of most of the books that are still in print for a little while in case I get requests for them. poetry by Stuart Solman
So, if you always meant to order that copy of Waiting for the Owl or So Much Light or Handfeeding the Crocodile, now is the time. somuchlight
handfeeding the crocodile
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2 Responses to Goodbye Pardalote

  1. Mary Mageau says:

    There is always sadness when a fine venture closes. However another door will open to you leading to another form of artistic and literary endeavour. Will this blog be closing too?

    • fortyspot says:

      Thanks for your comment Mary. I will be keeping the blog going, though I only post occasionally. And I will be keeping some copies of titles in case I get requests for them. cheers, Lyn

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