Echidna Tracks: Australian Haiku


c. Lynette Arden

After months of preparation of the site and selection of content, the editors of Echidna Tracks – Simon Hanson, Lynette Arden and myself – are pleased to announce the launch of our first issue.

Go here to enjoy the wide-ranging voices and observations of Places we Live: cities, suburbs, towns. Haiku will be posted one a day until the issue is complete. If you would like to receive a daily haiku in your inbox, sign up to follow by email.

The submission period for Issue Two is throughout October 2018, on the theme of  landscapes.  For this next issue we invite original, previously unpublished haiku that respond to aspects of the rich and various landscapes of the Australian continent — from its costal environments to its desert interior, its many kinds of forests, wetlands, rivers, bushland and landforms. We look forward to receiving haiku that share your moments of heightened awareness and deep connection with these natural places.

Details of how to submit are found here.

The editors hope that you will enjoy Echidna Tracks and we look forward to building a collection of haiku that portray and celebrate aspects of the environment and contemporary culture of life in Australia in all its variety.



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