Writing in Cafes

Kai enjoying the children's books at Fullers Bookshop

Kai enjoying the children’s books at Fullers Bookshop

I’d just read Lee Kofman’s post “On Writers and Cafes” and emailed her to say her words had inspired me to find a friendly cafe to write in when a call came from Australia Poetry for someone to take up the position of cafe poet at Fullers Bookshop’s Afterword Cafe. So I put up my hand and got the job.

I’ll be in residence on Tuesday mornings from 10 am – 12.00pm and on Saturdays from 10.am – 2.00pm. If you’d like to call in and share a poem or chat about poetry I’d love to see you there.

The Cafe Poet Program is an initiative of Australian Poetry.

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2 Responses to Writing in Cafes

  1. Mary Mageau says:

    Well Done! The Cafe Poet Program is a great idea and I’m pleased you’ve secured a spot for yourself. Enjoy it.

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