About Fortyspot

image courtesy Alan Fletcher, Tassie Birds

Fortyspot is named for the endangered forty spotted pardalote (Pardalotus quadragintus) also known as the Tasmanian diamond bird.

Here I want to explore what is meant by writing about place aka nature writing or environmental writing. It’s a huge field, but by taking small steps into learning what qualities and criteria make up this genre, I hope to gain a better understanding of its traditions and current practice, particularly within Australian literature.

I’ll do this by reading, listening and talking to people who are already involved with this area of literature, and by sharing my own attempts at writing about place.  If you’d like to share the journey, welcome aboard!

14 Responses to About Fortyspot

  1. felicity says:

    Oh Lyn, beautiful site, I am fascinated with sense of place too, good luck!

  2. Lovely site, Lyn. I posted a comment yesterday (about David Attenborough’s show on evolution) but it seems not to have come across? You and I are having trouble posting to each other’s sites. Chris

  3. Lovely concept, beautiful presentation. Good luck! Ali.

  4. lighthouseali says:

    Lyn, I saw this competition on the Sydney Writers’ Centre blog and thought of you…

  5. John Bird says:

    Congratulations on this blog, Lyn.
    I’m reading my way through it and so far I’ve particularly enjoyed the Peter Grant interview and Charlotte Ward’s review of Tredinnick’s “A Place on Earth”. When I’ve finished I’ll return to add some comments. I hope to contribute in my particular area of interest, haiku.
    I call my unpublished collection of “village” poems (see my website) “Giving Voice to the Brunswick Valley” so perhaps I’m in tune with your project. After I’ve added some haiku I intend to offer it to the local historical society. The national network of historical societies might well carry the kind of writings your blog addresses.
    Good luck with your project, Lyn. Best wishes, John

    • fortyspot says:

      Hi John. Thanks for your lovely remarks and I look forward to hearing your comments on the entries you mention. I would love to have your contributions on haiku.
      Your village poems are wonderful reflections on place. I’d like to link to them if I may.
      You might also be interested in my student colleague’s blog, In the Shadow of the Lighthouse, about the very places you write about. http://intheshadowofthelighthouse.wordpress.com/
      I’ll pass your web address onto her. – best, Lyn

  6. Andrew Burke says:

    Hi, Lyn. Glad to see you in the blog world. Cheers – Andrew

  7. Mary Mageau says:

    A lovely site with beautiful photos to enrich the experience. I’m taking my first steps into nature writing too and the lyrical essay form. Thank you for visiting and liking my blog, Nature as Art and Inspiration. http://marymageau.wordpress.com

  8. Rose Frankcombe says:

    Nice to meet you again in Launceston on July 1, Lynne. Am here visiting your blog and immediately the page opened it brought a smile to my face, when I sighted the dear little pardelote, such a fascinating creature. The intricacies and perplexities of nature bring a wealth of resources to the poet. Love your work… Rose

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