Writing in the Wild

A nature writing retreat in the stunning environment of Denmark, WA is in the planning stages by the Greenskills Centre for Sustainable Living.

It will take place from Friday to Sunday, Oct 14-16th and will include a talk and readings by a published author in the genre of nature writing. Guided walks in the forest and coastal or estuarine wilds in the mornings will be an opportunity to gather ideas for afternoon writing sessions.


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2 Responses to Writing in the Wild

  1. Nicola says:

    Hi Lyn. Thanks so much for promoting our Nature Writing Retreat. We’re very excited about it as we’ve been dreaming and planning it for quite some time. We will be bringing down two published nature writers from Perth for the weekend – including Annamaria Weldon who won this year’s inaugural Nature Conservancy writing prize and John Ryan, a PhD student and wildflower poet from Edith Cowan University. What’s unique about this retreat is that participants will have the chance to go out into the field with local naturalists/ecologists who will introduce them to the country alongside experienced writing facilitators. It’s a potent mix of environmental education and artistic development in a diverse and dramatically beautiful landscape. There’ll be more information coming soon on our website, but activities will include a Friday night author talk and presentation by Annamaria and John, various workshops and field-trips and a panel discussion on Sunday afternoon. We’re in the process of seeking funding to keep the workshop affordable for locals and visitors from further afield. So watch this space: http://www.denmarkcsl.com.au/retreats.htm
    Warm regards, Nicola-Jane le Breton

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