Marking the Moment


Workshop with Desiree Fitzgibbon and Lyn Reeves

haiku and accompanying simple artwork

Capture and record a moment from nature through haiku and mark making to create a visual expression of a sensory experience. Join poet Lyn Reeves and local artist Desiree Fitzgibbon for walking and observation in the stunning environment of Okines Beach.

At the end of this workshop we will have uncovered the features of the brief nature poem and composed our own haiku and brush work images depicting a special moment in time on a handmade paper scroll.

Lyn will lead us on a discovery of the interplay of words and images, reading from her own haiku and poetry.

Desiree will explore the ways we can make marks using a variety of tools thrown up in nature and inks distilled from local ochres and plants, guiding participants in the making of their unique scroll.

Saturday April 1st 2017     9.30 am – 4.00 pm                                                                                     Okines Community House, Dodges Ferry (meet in the kitchen)                                                                                                               Donation: $50 (includes all materials and morning and afternoon tea).

For enquiries or bookings, please phone Desiree – 62659220

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