Stopped in my tracks…

Triptych c by Lyn Fabian on Red Bubble

One of the greatest pleasures the writing life has given me is collaborating with writers, painters, photographers, printmakers, musicians, calligraphers and film makers. In our small city of Hobart I’ve had many experiences of working with artists in other art forms for various events and exhibitions. But it was a lovely surprise when Lyn Fabian emailed me to show me the artwork she’d created from a haiku of mine she’d come across on the web.

walking the tideline  stopped in my tracks

                                                             by a shell

is an early poem from which my first haiku book, Walking the Tideline, gets its title.





Lyn’s beautiful and intricate tryptich is posted on Red Bubble. I have a print of it proudly displayed on my wall, and I’d like to share it with you here. It is very special for me to see the words take life and expression through someone else’s art, creating ripples, as haiku are meant to do.

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