Miraculous Puddles and Postcards

The Miracle in the Puddle:

Lyn and Gina at the launch of Seasoned with Honey

Gina Mercer, author of Handfeeding the Crocodile, is conducting workshops through The Tasmanian Writers’ Centre. Gina, an inspiring poet and teacher, is sure to elicit  some fine writing from the participants in this course.

The second issue of a new magazine, Tasmanian Sagacity, features a review by Ian Kennedy Williams of Karen Knight’s Postcards from the Asylum. Williams describes the book as an ‘extraordinarily rich and illuminating collection of poems’. He writes that a characteristic of Knight’s poems is their facility to disarm with accounts of seemingly commonplace occurrences before concluding with a moment of startling intensity’.
This is a powerful book, deserving of all the prizes and praise it has garnered.

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