The Zen of Place – workshop with Rohan Wilson

Rohan WilsonThe Tasmanian Writers’ Centre is offering a writing workshop by Vogel winner, Rohan Wilson.
According to the Japanese proverb, poets know all about places without having been there. Place or setting is a vital component of any form of writing, but what are the key ingredients to make a representation of place work? How can we create a Zen-like picture of a place in the fewest brushstrokes? How do we use story exposition and character to reveal place? What does it even mean to write about a place? Join the workshop to discuss the answers to these questions and more. Writers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to benefit from this special opportunity to work with the Tasmanian winner of the 2011 Australian/Vogel Literary Award. The workshop will be held on Sunday 17 July, 1-4pm at Fullers Bookshop, 93 St John Street, Launceston. To learn more and to book your place visit TWC website.
Cost: $25 for people aged 25 or under;  $33 for Writers’ Centre members;  $78 for non-members. Email

Sourced from TWC eCal.

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