In Conversation with Robert Pyle

Robert Pyle will be visiting Australia in June, courtesy of the Watermark Literary Muster (a biennial gathering that brings together writers and readers who share a passion for the literature of nature and place). The Muster is recognised internationally as a unique literary event on the Australian cultural calendar where writers share their work directly with readers, talk about the places that inspire them, exchange ideas on writing about nature and place, explore the role literature plays in environmental understanding and inspire others to write about the natural landscape.

Robert Pyle will be ‘In conversation’ at the Northern Rivers Writers’ Centre (Level 1/28 Jonson Street, Byron Bay) on the evening of Wednesday, 15th June. The evening will commence at 6.30pm with cheese and wine, and then proceedings will kick off at 7pm. Places are limited to a maximum of 20 people and the night promises to be a lovely way for audience members to hear what Robert has to say in a relaxed and intimate setting.
Tickets are strictly limited and cost $10 for NRWC members and $15 for non-members. To secure your seat, call NRWC on 02 6685 5115 or email

Information sourced from Northern Rivers Writers’ Centre. You can read more about the event on their website.

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3 Responses to In Conversation with Robert Pyle

  1. ana tudor says:

    this was a fabulous reading day by Dr Robert… he did a poem about human nature and predjudice and i didnt note the name of it,,, but was highly impressed by its accuracies and insights. Would anyone know its name or could i find a copy somewhere…

    • fortyspot says:

      Hello Ana
      I went to Doctor Pyle’s talk at the Tasmanian Museum on Friday night – a wonderful and inspiring reading. He read a poem called Unwanted Creatures, about our attitudes to wasps, mosquitoes and such – that lead into attitudes of discrimination towards people different from ourselves – does this sound like the poem you heard him read?

      • ana tudor says:

        thank you yes that sounds right.
        i was so privileged to have been there and grateful for the opportunity and isnt is wonderful that there are such inspiring people in this world. thank you for your answer….

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