Honoring Japan’s ‘sense of place’

An Art/Poetry Benefit for Japan by International Artists.

International Haiku poets from around the world can send senseofplaceLAB haiku that honor Japan’s ‘sense of place’: moments and experiences that make Japan a unique place in the world. These poems will not specifically reference the recent Tsunami but are offered to honor the specialness of Japan.
Laurie Halsey Brown says of the project she is initiating: “The Haiku are the inspiration for a series of art cards, that will include my photographs with each poem. These art cards will incorporated into a interdisciplinary photographic work that will become a scroll to hang behind those reading the poems. This contemporary scroll will evoke a dialogue between image and word, between historical and contemporary Japanese art and poetry, between Western and Eastern art and culture – and ultimately to evoke ‘sense of place’ memories in the viewer. The scroll will utilize the historical installation format of early Japanese scrolls by using different fabric patterns on the border, and this will be referenced as a design component. These art works created by senseofplace LAB use photographs and materials that will reference an (as of now imagined) ‘sense of place’ of Japan.
Artists and poets connected to each gallery will read poems written by international poets to honor Japan’s ‘sense of place’. These events will reveal the love and support for Japan by the international art community – to the Japanese community directly.”

For more information and contact details about this exciting project that aims to support Japanese rebuilding and humanitarian efforts, visit Laurie’s website, Moving in Place.

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