My Friends This Landscape

I’m looking forward to the launch on Thursday 7th April of a new book by Tasmanian author Anne Collins. My Friends This Landscape is described by writer Terry Whitebeach as ‘A spacious walking meditation on place by an attentive and courageously permeable writer who has come to love this island as intensely as those of us bound to it by birth and ancestry and who has allowed its presence to inhabit and inform the quietly assured cadences of her verse and prose. Journeys of the spirit, landscapes of the mind and heart, symphony and silence, bone and blood and leaf and stone of country, this carefully crafted collection of poetry and essays is a small jewel of a work.’

I’ll certainly be getting a copy, and you can too – either from Hobart Bookshop, or Ginninderra Press. Anne is also a talented photographer and one of her photographs is on the cover of the book.

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