In Advance of Our Broken Wings

poetry by Stuart SolmanTonight at the Hobart Bookshop in Salamanca Square, poet Anne Kellas will launch Stuart Solman’s new poetry collection, In Advance of Our Broken Wings.

Philip Mead says of this collection: These poems are haunted by figures from a previous generation and the austere world of post-war England, an inheritance that can’t be easily left behind. They also circle the world – Tasmania, Greece, Venice, amongst other places – alert to the significant moments of experience, both nostalgic and alive to the present. The language of these poems is marvellously precise and unencumbered, every poem pared back, necessary, convincing.

Stuart captures the details and atmosphere of places as diverse as the Tasmanian bush, Ireland, Wales , Greece and Italy with sensitivity and clarity. This stand-out collection is the latest title from Pardalote Press

Things You’ll Always Remember About Venice

Giovanni Bellini’s obsession with Virgins
how everyone wants to feed the white pigeon
in Piazza San Marco

the lack of trees
dogs pissing on shadows

the moving mass of school uniforms
the only café with a queue outside is McDonalds

the disappointment of your first espresso
the stand-up breakfasts

scurrying around Cannaregio to find a cheap albergo
shabby shutters

worn stone steps
a kid on roller blades falling down the Rialto Bridge

how everything ends in o

© Stuart Solman

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