Spirit of Place: Australia – a proposed anthology of Australian tanka

Submissions close February 27, 2010

All Australian tanka poets are welcome to submit up to ten original tanka of which a maximum of three poems per poet may be selected.

Poems should address country and suburban living, the inland and the beach, wildlife, native flora as they relate to the human condition. We are not seeking great numbers of poems but we are seeking the best poems we can get in terms of original tone, interesting topic, careful structure and word choice.
Please send no more than 10 tanka with SPIRIT OF PLACE SUBMISSION: [Your NAME]
in the subject line
To :  David Terelinck   tanka_oz@yahoo.com.au <mailto:tanka_oz@yahoo.com.au>
cc :  Beverley George beverleygeorge@idx.com.au <mailto:beverleygeorge@idx.com.au>
For further information contact Beverley or David at the above addresses.

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